Take the skinheads bowling

I’m going bowling tonight.

Night bowling unfortunately, but as it’s the only place I can easily travel to, I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

Things to remember for bowling.

  • Drink enough beer to loosen up, but not enough to drop the ball behind you as you run up (that’s called a whoops).

  • If you get three strikes in a row, that’s called a turkey. This is purely academic, it’ll never happen.

  • Only chavs go bowling, if you go, then you’re a chav, so you may as well dress like one. Bring a baseball cap.

  • The chap who fixes any problems you have with the equipment is called a pin monkey. If you call him this though he’ll hit you in the face with a large wrench.

  • If you see anyone in a purple jumpsuit, don’t fuck with them.

    I was gonna take my real camera, but it’s too difficult to keep an eye on when I bowl.

    Am taking a little compact, will see if I get any shots.