Gonna get me one of them iPods

I’m thinking of getting an iPod.

But, just like everything else in life I have to do things differently.

I am about 75% of the way through ripping my entire CD collection to FLAC (lossless encoding).

The benefit of this is converting to any format from FLAC is a simple matter of writing a script.

So; should I convert to AAC (does a Linux tool even exist to encode AAC) or MP3?

What quality setting should I be using? Remember, I’m fussy.

Do I need to worry about ID3 tags? I’m setting album, artist and track only at the moment.

What directory structure should I set them all up as to keep iTunes happy (currently I do “Artist – Album/01 Track.flac” but I can script it to use a different structure if needs be)?

I want to store photos on the iPod (a 60GB one) from time to time so don’t want to fill all 60GB with music – I estimate it’ll be around 7000 tracks when I am done though.

I’m sure somebody knows the answers to all this; Simon?

4 thoughts on “Gonna get me one of them iPods”

  1. Rio’s hard-disk based players play FLAC natively. Given past patterns, they ought to be announcing a bunch of new players very shortly — in time for the start of school term in the US, and then for Christmas.

  2. * If you are holding on to your FLACs, then go AAC if you can – it’s slightly smaller for the same level of quality.

    * I go 128 for most stuff, 192 for Jazz and Classical, but YMMV. Why not come along on Thursday and have a listen?

    * Navigation and smart playlists on the iPod are good, but dependent on your ID3 tags. More detail is better, if you’ve got it, but artist, album, track name and number are good enough. Genre is good to, but it’s so bloody hard!

    * iTumes will ignore whatever directory structure you have in any case, so don’t worry about it too much. iTunes organises everything as Artist/Album/01 Track.mp3. This not a bad scheme, but you have little choice about it.

    Will you be running iTunes on Mac or Windows?

  3. If you are holding on to your FLACs, then go AAC if you can – it’s slightly smaller for the same level of quality.

    Er, I beg to differ. FLAC is lossless, AAC is lossy. There’s no way they’re going to be the same quality.

    Now, I’ll concede that you probably won’t notice the difference, but I’m feeling pedantic today 🙂

  4. I was comparing AACs with MP3s, not with FLACs, Roger. AACs are slightly smaller than MP3s for given quality, so I’m told.

    AACs can also be lossles if you want, too.

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