I miss that little radio

Once upon a time, I bought a radio – a portable digital radio no less.

Life was good – I listened to that radio on the bus to work – and at work – and on the bus on the way home too.

Then, I moved out into the sticks and started catching the train to work.

The commute was longer but the radio served me well.

6 Music was my station of choice.

A station for people that are too old for Radio 1 and too cool for Radio 2 as The Guardian once called it.

The station that once played the full version of Marquee Moon by Television on the breakfast show (I was sat on the train grinning like an idiot when they did that).

Completely advert and shite music free – I really enjoyed it.

Then one day, South West Trains introduced new trains.

New comfortable trains – with comfier seats, and aircon and all that kind of stuff.

That and some clever “feature” that completely blocks the signal of my radio.

At first it was the occasional train – that I could deal with.

But now nearly every train I catch is the new style 🙁

Eventually I gave up using my radio, it now sits at home, gathering dust.

It has occasional outings – like when the cricket is on.

And I’ve since bought an iPod.

But it’s not the same.

I really miss that little radio.