Air Miles not crap

Who said Air Miles were crap?

Actually, it was me – even though I have loads of them – they’re so overpriced that by the time you factor in your discount you’ve only saved £20 (on a £500 flight).

So last night I was booking my flights for a holiday in a few weeks time.

I had checked prices and found the best deal was booking direct through BA.

Then I received an email from airmiles, telling me of special offers on BA.

So I decided I should check it out – just in case.

So I did, and to my surprise I found that I could use around 2000 miles and save around £400.


So I went with them – I even managed to get car hire for two weeks and still pay less than I was going to pay just for flights with BA.

So, they’re not so crap after all I’ve decided.