Flickr vs Photodb

I have now written code so that photos I add here can be automatically added to Flickr.

The question is, do I actually need such a feature?

What does Flickr give me that I don’t already have?

For the past few years I’ve been working on an application for storing my own photos.

Initially it didn’t allow anyone but me to see the photos, until about a year ago when I allowed the selective sharing of photos with friends.

The site also allows me to easily post selected photos here (there’s a simple XML API for this).

I also recently added the ability to tag photos.

Finally, I can publish a stand-alone gallery of photos for extended trips (eg, New Zealand Photos)

The only thing Flickr really gives me is a way to promote my photos to people who don’t already read my blog.

This of course is a “good thing“. 🙂

I did consider ditching my application and moving everything over to Flickr, then immediately rejected that idea.

I’m not gonna throw away all my hard work. 🙂