Blog code update

I have changed my blog code so that it now allows me to attach tags to posts instead of filing them into one-dimensional categories.

Of course, for it to have any meaning I have to go back to old entries and add relevant tags. Or train a monkey to do it.

I’ve also updated my CD List code.

Since I ripped all my CDs to disk and no longer play CDs on my PC it was never being updated.

Now that I stream my music from home to work it makes sense for it to update when I play a CD that way – so I made that change.

In essence, when I play a CD in my streaming app, it sends off a HTTP POST to this site which then adds an entry into the database that tracks what I played and when.

The last part of that was to put together a quick script to insert historical data for all the music I was streaming over the past year or so.

Fortunately, I had had the foresight to collect that data locally in anticipation of this change.

The next steps are to track music that I play on my iPod and on wiphi.

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