Virus Pie

Two weeks before Christmas I received an email claiming that if I clicked the link within I’d receive a free mince pie.

Though doubtful of its authenticity I clicked the link.

Two days ago I received a small package at work.

I didn’t know what to expect when I opened it (having long since forgotten about my mince pie email).

To my delight inside was a mince pie and a note.

Dear Mr Greaves:

Thank you for taking the time to download and install our MSN Messenger 8 Beta Software and/or malware.

Please find enclosed one mince pie as a token of our appreciation.

So there.

Next time you receive an email promising you a mince pie if you click the link; click it.

The pie doubters laughed, I laughed last.

Virus Pie
Virus Pie

One thought on “Virus Pie”

  1. Well, I am still waiting for my free Honda / iPod Nano / mobile phone, all of which have yet to materialise :-p But nice result for you!

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