Programmer’s Diary (part one)

I’m going to keep a programmer’s diary for my next project.

It’s a Web app that will use the Flickr API.

I’m not going to say what it does yet, but I’ll post my progress here.

I’ve decided to do it in Java as that’s what I know.

I’m too impatient to start learning something like Ruby or Python now, I want to crack on and get coding.

I will try to learn something new though and that will be Hibernate.

Previously I’ve used a basic system for database access; code generation using XSLT and a thin layer for caching frequently accessed data. It’s OK but a bit clunky and restrictive.

For the rest I’ll carry on with the current Web framework that I’ve been using for a few years (an “in-house” one).

I also feel that I should have a crack at using Eclipse as an IDE.

I’m not really an IDE person (I normally use Vim) but I suppose I should at least see what I am missing out on (I used it briefly at work, it’s a bit of a monster but having a debugger is nice).

Next time I’ll talk about coding against the Flickr API.

One thought on “Programmer’s Diary (part one)”

  1. Darren – you might want to check out the vi plugin for Eclipse. It costs about £10 but there is a demo version available I think. I found it was generally ok, but a bit buggy – though it may have been patched considerably since I last used it.

    I’m sold on Eclipse now, there are a few features that it would be difficult to live without (debugging, syntax completion, code generation). I also recommend reading the ‘tips and tricks’ help section before you start as there is some useful stuff in there.

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