Client presentations

I attended a client pitch yesterday.

As in, we were pitching to a potential client.

I had to stand up and waffle on about technology choices for ten minutes.

Needless to say I was terrified beforehand but when I got up there it all went reasonably well.

As a programmer I’m not really comfortable standing at the front of a room talking in a loud voice while everyone looks at me.

It took some degree of will power to force myself to get up there and project my voice.

I had some print outs of my slides with notes all over them, but I ended up not referring to them at all – I pretty much remembered everything.

I rushed through one or two parts a bit too fast, and got stuck where I couldn’t explain “session migration” without using the words “session” and “migration” (this was to a largely non-technical audience).

I also didn’t make enough eye contact apparently.

Some things to improve on then, and next time (if there is a next time) I won’t be anywhere near as nervous.

I did manage to make them laugh though, which is always a bonus.

3 thoughts on “Client presentations”

  1. Well done mate, speaking as a former shy kid turned consultanty type, it certainly does take a lot of courage to stand up and give a presentation, especially when you’re talking to an audience who for all intents and purposes are speaking a different language to you, i.e. non-techie!

  2. Well, I made a joke at my expense so technically it was at me.
    But as that was what I intended I guess it was with me.

    How about that for a cop-out answer!

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