6 Music

Since installing Ubuntu I’ve not been able to get XMMS to play my music that I stream from home.

I’ve done enough digging to realise the problem is in my code – I’ve just not fixed it yet.

So, in the meantime I’ve been listening to my radio again!

As usual I listen to 6 Music all day.

The latest nutty little tune doing the rounds on 6 Music is Peter Bjorn and John‘s single; Young Folks.

I’ve already got the album on pre-order at Amazon.

Then this morning I realised that I had been following a pattern.

1. Hear song I really like on 6 Music.

2. Buy album on the basis of that one song.

3. Generally be disappointed with rest of album.

Albums and bands that have fallen into that category so far:

Let Us Never Speak Of It Again by Out Hud

Speakerboxxx by OutKast

Give Up by The Postal Service

Riot On An Empty Street by Kings of Convenience

The Futureheads by The Futureheads

Thunder Lightning Strike by The Go! Team

You Are The Quarry by Morrissey

Perhaps I should try to listen to more than one song from the album before I part with my cash this time then.

There again, “everyone loves a great whistling record“.