Programmer’s Diary (part four)

For my app, I had planned to cache some data from the Flickr API in a database (hence the need for Hibernate).

But I was eager to do a “proof of concept” thing and make sure everything I wanted to do could be done before I wrapped my head around Hibernate.

So I’ve decided to compromise by caching stuff in the session for now.

I had to tweak more Flickrj code to make sure everything I wanted to store in the session implemented Serializable though.

So, having got Flickrj working, and stuff cached in the session to ease the load on the Flickr API I started writing the interesting code that actually does stuff.

This part took less time than all the other fiddling around (always the way) so after only a few hours I had a simple prototype app that pretty much proved the concept.

There’s no design or look and feel work yet, just black text on a white background and no navigation other than a link to the home page.

So, it needs a bit of tarting up.

But it works, which is kind of fundamental really.

Next steps are to test everything and do some look and feel work.

At some point I’ll even send it live.