My plan for spam – one month on

A while back I wrote about “my plan for spam“.

“My plan” has been running for a month now so it’s time to review it.

Before I implemented it I was getting around 600 spams a month.

After running it for a full month I’m down to around 250.

So, I’d consider that a fairly successful plan.

Of course, all the ones that were caught in my spam filter were being sent to my home account and put into a spam folder.

I said I’d monitor that and if there were no false positives I’d set it to delete them upon arrival.

There are no false positives, so I will be setting it to delete (need to test properly before I go putting delete rules into my filters).

As for getting that 250 even lower – I’m kinda stuck.

Around 80% of those 250 are direct to my gmail address so they don’t touch my filtering system.

I don’t really use my gmail address so I could set gmail to delete anything sent to that address.

The thought of doing that scares me a bit – I’ll wait and see how annoyed I get by it all I think.

Of course, no doubt in 6 months time I’ll be back up to 600 a month again, but what can you do?


I found out that if I tell gmail to delete an email in a filter rule it puts it into the Deleted Items folder which is automatically cleaned out after being in there for 30 days.

So, with that in mind I’ve set it to delete any emails that are addressed to my gmail address.

That way I have 30 days to find a real email if I have reason to believe it was sent to my gmail address.

Since doing that I’ve received an average of just over one spam a day!

That’s going to be around 40 a month.

Eat that spammers!

2 thoughts on “My plan for spam – one month on”

  1. Look, is it not easier to create a mailbox with gmail main service and to change the e-mail shown on the web-site accordingly?
    I am sure, after such change it takes the SPAM machines some time to find you and to start spamming.
    And you will only need to create a private mail-box which wouldnÂ’t be published anywhere and would be used only for your private correspondence with friends and business partners.
    I think it is easier to fight spam, isnÂ’t it?

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