The continuing adventures of my Yashica


I got my film back from my Yashica.

If anyone’s interested, I used Spectrum Imaging in Newcastle (mail order).

They are very fast and very cheap (yay!), but they don’t do B&W (boo!).

Of the 12 shots I took this is the one that I’m happiest with, it’s also the one with the best exposure.

Most of them were a bit over-exposed (nothing that can’t be rescued) but this one was pretty accurate.

I was trying to compensate for what I believed was the meter’s tendency to over-expose (based on a comparison with my SLR) but it looks like I need to compensate more.

Many people who own this camera ignore the built-in meter as it has a tendency to be wrong.

These people then either carry around an SLR or a light meter to meter with; or they guess.

Well, guess is not really an accurate description (although I imagine some people do genuinely guess – but I’m not referring to them here).

I’m referring to a form of educated guessing.

There’s a thing called the sunny f/16 rule that can be used to determine exposure.

As usual, Wikipedia knows all…

In photography, the sunny 16 rule (or, less often, the “sunny f/16 rule”) is a method to estimate correct daylight exposures without using a light meter.

The basic sunny 16 rule, applicable on a sunny day, is this:

Set aperture to f/16 and shutter speed (reciprocal seconds) to ISO film speed.

For example, for ISO 100 film, choose shutter speed of 1/100 second (or 1/125 second).

There’s also an interesting page here about calculating exposure that looks quite interesting.

I don’t want to carry my SLR around with me everytime I use the Yashica so it looks like I’ll be going down the “guessing” route (assuming I can’t trust the meter that is).

Today though I went for a walk in the park and I did have my SLR with me so I used that to set my first reading.

The light didn’t change for a while so I left it at that.

Later the sun came out so I metered again with the SLR.

I’ll find out when I get the film back how it all worked out.

As I’m shooting negative film I can afford to be a bit lax with my metering as corrections can be made at processing time – if I shoot slide film I’ll have to be more accurate as it’s much less forgiving.

I’m not sure if that matters too much with scans though.

The above was shot with Fujicolor Superia film.

I have another 3 rolls of that.

I’ve also ordered a selection of black and white film too.

Some Ilford HP5+ which I’ve heard good things about and some Kodak Tri-X.

Now I just have to hope that I don’t get bored with it all before I run out of film!

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  1. Spectrum Imaging – muwhahaha small world. That was the nearest film development place next to Northumbria University (Newcastle Polytechnic) and being an art student I hate to think how much money that guy took off me over three years. *Off topic my first ever holiday with my (now) wife, I bumped into the owner of Spectrum Imaging, bloody hell I’ll stop rail roding your topic now!

    Doesn’t look that over exposed chap, looks positively clean?!

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