As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on importing CDs I’ve decided to add my CD importing code to github.

It lives here.

I suspect it’s more useful as source code for people to look at than as a project for people to use.

It’s a little bit too much “MeWare” at the moment for it to be generally useful.

Of course, it would not be that much work to make it more generally useful:

  • Put all the paths to binaries in a config file (they’re currently hard-coded in the source).
  • Write some documentation (it has JavaDoc but that is all).
  • Make it a little more flexible (it makes some assumptions about output files with specific names and in specific formats).
  • It’s only ever been run on Linux (I’m not sure if all the binaries it requires exist on Windows)

Plus, there are a million and one programs out there to rip CDs (this is the bit where I’m supposed to justify writing yet another one…).

Anyway, the code is available to browse so feel free to “check it out”.