Wiphi Mark II

Almost five years ago I decided to build a “DIY streaming media thingy” to play music in the living room.

I went ahead and built it and very good it was too.

But it’s been getting a bit long in the tooth and it is a little too large for the TV stand so I have reluctantly decided to retire it.

The idea of doing without a PC in the living room lasted about two days before I was back on QuietPC planning Wiphi Mark II.

I had my eye on a case but after doing the maths I realised it was going to cost a fortune to build a new PC from scratch.

I was just about ready to abandon my plans when I caught sight of one of these on The Gadget Show.

I got even more excited when I found out there was a Linux version for £180 (annoyingly they were going for £150 a few months ago).

The Linux versions do seem to be rarer than hen’s teeth at the moment but I managed to track one down from eBuyer eventually.

Software wise I think I’m going to try out Boxee instead of my homebrew Wiphi code – I’m a little sad to give up on it but it’s quite clunky and basic compared to all the whizzy stuff you get with Boxee.

I’ve also found a useful guide to getting it all set up.

It arrives on Saturday.

That’s my weekend sorted then. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wiphi Mark II”

  1. Hi Henry.

    I did consider Apple TV but it looked a little too locked down for me.
    If I do decide to ditch Boxee I still have all the other Linux options like MPD or MythTV etc.

  2. Hey mate, how you getting on with HD content? What’s playback like for Apple trailers? (and there’s me thinking my box was small and compact, it looks like a Cray next to yours).

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