Wiphi update

I recently blogged about buying an Acer Aspire Revo to sit under my TV.

It arrived as planned and setting it up was fairly straightforward.

I’ve had it for about six weeks and I’m mighty pleased with it.

It’s small, quiet and looks pretty cool too.

I plumped for Boxee as an interface to my music and videos and although it crashes now and again I quite like it.

It crashes less now that I am using the standard Ubuntu nVidia drivers from apt (I previously downloaded the latest drivers from the nVidia site but half my videos wouldn’t even play).

It runs so quiet I have now set it up to run email, DNS and DHCP thereby enabling me to shut down the large (noisy) tower PC that was previously performing those tasks.

I reckon with the electricity I save it’ll have paid for itself in 2-3 years!

Boxee has really impressed me.

The ease with which I can play videos has got me ripping my existing DVDs so I can watch them through Boxee.

For me at least the age of disk-based media has passed – I can’t be doing with disks anymore.

Much as with my CDs once I rip them I put them in a box at the back of a cupboard and never refer to them again.

2 thoughts on “Wiphi update”

  1. So, can I ask are you controlling it remotely, wired KB/Mouse – or have you found a wireless keyboard with multi-media controller that works out of the box with ubuntu?

  2. @dik

    It’s a bit of a faff – I tried the iPhone app but having to fire up an app all the time becomes tiresome (still quite handy for occasional use though).

    As it turns out I often have my laptop nearby so just VNC in and use the keyboard.
    I don’t really need a keyboard, just enough to control Boxee – I ssh in for anything else.

    I do have a USB bluetooth thingy so may go down the PS3 remote control path one day.

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