A problem with the Internet

A while back I ordered a pair of boots on-line.

When I filled in my details and clicked submit I got an error page.

That sort of thing makes me nervous – did my order go through or not?

I checked my email and had no order confirmation email, but decided to leave it for a day to be sure.

So, the following evening as I had no confirmation email I tried again – this time the order went through perfectly and I got my confirmation email.

All good.

Two weeks later I got an email saying my boots had shipped, again, all good.

Five minutes later (I think you can see where this is going) I got a second email saying that my boots had shipped – this one had a different order number though.


I replied to the second order and told them I had only ordered one pair of boots (I decided not to tell them about the error page as I figured it might confuse matters).

I got a swift reply:

So sorry about that, there must of been a problem with the internet at that time. Your card has been refunded for the second order.

“Problem with the internet”?

Problem with their crappy website more like!