Blog repurposement

I started writing this blog in June 2002.

This was before the days of making money from blogs – back then it was all about linking to interesting stuff you found on the web and posting brain dumps about various things in your life.

Back then it was just another blog – not a particularly insightful or popular blog but a blog nonetheless.

Nowadays most blogs are different, they are targeted to a particular niche and usually written by someone with a “blogging strategy”.

The point about having a strategy means they are blogging for an ulterior motive (promote a product, earn money through advertising etc.) rather than blogging for the sake of blogging.

At this point I recommend you go read Rise of the Tablog as it makes the point about the current state of blogging far better than I can.

At some point in 2006 I decided I should try to only post about stuff related to software engineering and computers. That’s right, I’d also decided to target a niche.

I didn’t really have a strategy – I’d just seen where everyone else was going with their blogging and felt I should do the same.

This was the point my blogging slowed down – mainly because I was only posting when I had something to say on the subjects I’d decided I should write about – rather than my original “any old crap” brief.

Around 2007 I bought a bike (the first I’d owned in 20 years) and decided to blog about the experiences of taking up cycling again.

In line with my above thinking I started a bike blog.

That seemed to work well at first as I had about 5 or 6 posts in mind when I started it.

The problem was after writing those posts I didn’t really have that much more to say on the subject of cycling. I tend to add one or two posts a year now if that.

I’d also created a photoblog which originally just contained photos but then I decided to use it for all my photography related posts too.

This leads me to where I am now – three different blogs, all neglected in one way or another.

And only feeling able to blog on the subjects of software, photography or cycling.

What about if I take up Kayaking and want to blog about it?

Do I start a Kayaking blog too?

Note: I have no plans to take up Kayaking.

So, I’ve decided to fix this rather untenable situation I’ve gotten myself into with the following plan.

1. Make this blog more of a general purpose blog again – ie, post more often on a wider range of topics.

2. Continue posting photos on my photoblog but try to keep the longer stuff on this blog.

3. Move the cycling blog to Tumblr – Tumblr makes posting very simple so this will hopefully remove some of the “posting friction”.