Blog ported to WordPress

I’ve just finished porting my blog to WordPress.
My blog was originally written in Java before most blogging platforms existed.
This means that the code for it is old, and becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

I wanted to make a small change recently and very quickly hit dependency hell.
So I decided maybe I should just port it all to WordPress and have one less legacy project to maintain.

Importing it was simple enough.
I generated a full RSS feed (remember those?) and used one of the provided importing tools.
The tricky part was maintaining permalinks.
Most people don’t seem to bother with this step when migrating blog platforms.
But I think it’s still pretty important.
It’s a permalink after all.

The way my blog generated them was different from the way WordPress does them.
So I ended up writing a script that converted them to WordPress format then tested each URL against the deployed site.
Any that resolved emitted the code for an Apache redirect into a text file.
Any that didn’t I had to fix up by hand.

Finally I was able to paste the redirect codes into my Apache config and send it live.

The only thing I’ve not been able to do yet is grab the old blog comments.
That’s still on my todo list.