London Java Meetup

Last night’s London Java Meetup was good fun.

I didn’t personally get involved in talking about Java, but I overheard enough buzzwords to be happy that it was actually being talked about.

In fact, at one point a few of us got our cameras out and it was more like a Flickr Meetup.

Simon had asked me to bring my camera along and to chat to Tulna about her new Nikon D70s, and then Jez asked me to take some photos for the meetup site – and who was I to refuse! 🙂

I’d been sensible enough to take my 50mm lens, figuring light levels would be low.

It was hard work with such low light levels but I managed a few half-decent shots at ISO 1600.

I think I managed to convert a few people to the way of the 50mm too.

I also asked people along to the next Flickr meetup too.

Then I had a good chat with Jez about backup strategies and other geeky things – which brought me around to the idea of buying an external USB drive for backing up my photos and music.

Lastly, as a place to store the photos I created a Flickr group for that and future meetups.

London Java Meetup
London Java Meetup
Mmmmm, Apple
Mmmmm, Apple
London Java Meetup
London Java Meetup

London Flickr Beerup

Last Tuesday I attended another London Flickr Meetup.

I’ve been to three of these before, but they had all involved going to a place with the intention of taking photos.

Last Tuesday’s was a purely social thing, that involved going to a pub with the intention of drinking beer (needless to say, we all took our cameras along anyway).

It turned out to be both well attended and good fun; I was especially happy that it was well attended as it was something that I had instigated.

Would have been no fun if I’d been the only attendee.

My only regret was how rough I felt the next day.

Six (I think) pints on an empty stomach is not ideal.

Next time shall have to eat first…

London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup

Google Earth rawks

Google Earth + Flickr + Grease Monkey + Geotagging = the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.

As if Google Earth wasn’t mind-blowing enough, you can get it to pull geo-tagged photos down from Flickr once you “arrive” at a destination.

I geo-tagged one of my own photos, then looked at Richmond in Google Earth and there was my photo.

Q. How cool is that?

A. Very fucking cool indeed.

Flickr down (for me)

I had planned to do some work on my Flickr interface last night.

Only Flickr was down. 🙁

In the morning Flickr was back up, and they had taken the time to post a full explanation “for geeks and completists”.

As both a geek and a completist I was very happy that they did this.

Seems it wasn’t down at all, they had a load balancer problem that affected certain connections, but not others, I was one of the unlucky ones.

Kudos to them for giving the explanation, wish more sites would do that.

Flickr vs Photodb

I have now written code so that photos I add here can be automatically added to Flickr.

The question is, do I actually need such a feature?

What does Flickr give me that I don’t already have?

For the past few years I’ve been working on an application for storing my own photos.

Initially it didn’t allow anyone but me to see the photos, until about a year ago when I allowed the selective sharing of photos with friends.

The site also allows me to easily post selected photos here (there’s a simple XML API for this).

I also recently added the ability to tag photos.

Finally, I can publish a stand-alone gallery of photos for extended trips (eg, New Zealand Photos)

The only thing Flickr really gives me is a way to promote my photos to people who don’t already read my blog.

This of course is a “good thing“. 🙂

I did consider ditching my application and moving everything over to Flickr, then immediately rejected that idea.

I’m not gonna throw away all my hard work. 🙂

Flickr Flash Firefox

I joined Flickr today.

I would have joined it before but I had a problem where Flash refused to work on Firefox on my machine and Flickr uses Flash to display photos.

So today I uninstalled Firefox, nuked all my settings and reinstalled everything.

And Flash finally worked, woooh!

Anyway, Flickr has an API for uploading photos, so I plan to automatically add the photos I publish here to Flickr also.

I’m not sure yet why I want to do this, other than it being a cool hack.