Missing desktop icons in Ubuntu/Gnome

Ever since I installed Ubuntu I’ve not been able to right-click my desktop – as in, I right-clicked and no menu appeared.

Also, I never had any icons on my desktop.

I could view my ~/Desktop folder in Nautilus and place files there, but they never actually appeared on my desktop.

Compared to all the other things I was setting up this was just a minor annoyance – but today I was able to give it my full attention and thereby allow it to become a major annoyance.

The important thing to note here is that I always keep my home directory between installs – so clearly I had some strange setting from way back hidden in a config file somewhere (and Gnome gives you a lot of config files).

Anyway, suffice to say, after much hacking and googling I found a page advising me how to fix the problem.

Following the instrucions to restore the Trash Can at SystemTools – Configurator Editor – Nautilus… I disable and enable the Preferences – show_desktop option and now I have my lost icons again.

The “show_desktop” option – if only they were all that simple.