City Hall photographers

City Hall was open to the public on the weekend so I went along on Saturday.

Whilst there I saw many people with cameras so kept my eye out for any fellow Flickr people.

I didn’t see anyone from Flickr, but did bump into one of my friends from work.

Today though a friend sent me a link to a photo on Flickr.

Someone who I had never met had taken a photo of me and posted it to Flickr.

Cool Flickr coincidence.

And here are the photos that I took.

iPod Traveller

I met the hosts of the iPod Traveller podcast, Nick and Opal today.

This is by far my favourite podcast – officially it’s a travel show, and it’s informative enough at that but it’s also absolutely hilarious listening.

I had read on their site that they were doing a trip to Paris on Eurostar and as I walk past the terminal on the way in to work I dropped by to say hi.

Sadly they were running late so we could only chat for 5 minutes before they had to check in.

I didn’t even have time to take any photos.

They tried to persuade me to join them but some combination of no passport and having to go to work stopped me.

Next time I’ll be a bit more organised and join them for sure.

After they went I wandered around and took some photos before heading into work for the day.

Admiring the view
Admiring the view

The things you see on a Thursday

Since the bombings a month ago I’ve become used to seeing lots of Police every day on my morning commute through Waterloo station.

Today I was walking along the concourse at Waterloo (staring down at my feet in my usual half-awake manner) when I looked up and saw two huge coppers in body armour with semi-automatic rifles.

As I looked closer I could see their trigger fingers were already crooked into position and poised about an inch from the trigger itself.

They looked a lot like these two fellas (it may well be them; that is Waterloo station).

(photo from BBC site).

Then I realised I was staring so looked away (funny how everything you think of doing seems suspicious in such circumstances).

At this points you realise that running, or playing with your bag would be a “bad thing” to do.

Of course I walked right past them and nothing happened.

After walking over Waterloo Bridge and into Covent Garden I walked past Bow Street Magistrates Court.

Loads of Police; TV cameras; even a guy on a step ladder with a lens about three foot long.

This happens from time to time when there’s a big case on so I thought nothing of it.

Then when I got to work and mentioned it to a colleague he told me that the first trial of the “bomber” was on there today.

The things you see on a Thursday

London Flickr Beerup

Last Tuesday I attended another London Flickr Meetup.

I’ve been to three of these before, but they had all involved going to a place with the intention of taking photos.

Last Tuesday’s was a purely social thing, that involved going to a pub with the intention of drinking beer (needless to say, we all took our cameras along anyway).

It turned out to be both well attended and good fun; I was especially happy that it was well attended as it was something that I had instigated.

Would have been no fun if I’d been the only attendee.

My only regret was how rough I felt the next day.

Six (I think) pints on an empty stomach is not ideal.

Next time shall have to eat first…

London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup
London Flickr Beer Meetup


I’m off to see the WEEE Man tonight.

I went last week too.

This time though I intend to hang around until it gets dark for some night time photos.

I heard he comes alive at night.

There may well be beer involved.

Soultek Session at the ICA

In a (pathetic) attempt to justify my membership fee I’m off to the ICA tonight (after this I’ll only be out £25 as opposed to £30).

“Kicking off tonight with the debut UK show by New York/London based duo Misty Roses, Soultek Session bring a new electronic experience to the ICA bar, ranging from delicate and sublime textural rhythms to digital experimentation, with artists pooled from the fore-front of new music and digital video.”

Soultek Session.

Nick Luscombe of XFM‘s Flomotion (best show on the radio) is involved in it.

Having been to two “events” of his before and both times left somewhat underwhelmed I’m hoping this is third time lucky.


I really didn’t enjoy Misty Roses at all, the vocalist’s voice really got on my nerves.

However, some unpronounceable white beer and an ICA burger ensured I had fun anyway.

Waterloo Bridge photos

1st of February yesterday.

End of Dry January and all that.

Several pints of Amstel were drunk – but I kept it to sensible levels on account of my reduced tolerance levels.

Need to ease my way back into it.

Anyway, on the way over Waterloo Bridge I took some photos with my little digital camera.

I put the camera on various posts and pillars to keep it all steady and got some half-decent results.

Really need to bring a tripod and a proper camera and do it properly one day though.

National Gallery
National Gallery
St Paul’s and the Thames
St Paul's and the Thames
The Thames at night
The Thames at night
London Eye and Big Ben
London Eye and Big Ben

Would you like a legal disclaimer with that?

If you want your burgers cooked properly don’t go to this place.

“Diners wanting to tuck into a restaurant’s £12 gourmet burgers were told they had to sign a disclaimer.

Managers at the Marriott West India Quay in east London’s Docklands asked customers to complete the form if they wanted rare or medium-rare meat.”

P.S. Ignore the “slop in a bun” in the photo, that’s not a burger.