My convoluted CD importing system

And here’s how a CD gets from HMV on to my iPod…

Hmmm, it’s complicated alright.

But it needs to be as I have several goals I am trying to meet.

Never have to rip the CD more than once.

I rip to FLAC format which is lossless so I can recreate the original wav file at any time.

Be able to play my music back from a variety of sources.

I need to be able to play music on both my iPod(s) and through MPD.

The ripping and encoding bit is done with a Java app I wrote that encodes in parallel (it can handle Ogg Vorbis too if I want).

It’s not as automated as I’d like, I need to run it by hand when I insert a CD and choose the matching CDDB entry if there are multiple matches.

Oh, and here’s what I bought.

Laptop stickers

So, my shiny white Macbook is almost a year old.

To celebrate, I’ve decided to “sticker it up“.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a lack of stickers.

So, I’ve been scouring the Web trying to find cheap and/or free stickers.

Cool stickers mind, not just any old crap.

Free stickers.

All I’ve found on the free front is that the nice people at Daily WTF will send you two stickers if you send them a “small souvenir”. So, I’ll be popping some Moo cards in the post to them.

Cheap stickers

Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror will send you 3 or 4 stickers for $4 including shipping, which is a real bargain.

Moo do a great deal on sticker books which you can make up from your own photos. They also have a cool ready-made set for laptops.

The other way to get stickers is of course to hang around at cool conferences and hope that people take pity on me and give me cool stickers.

Failing that, I could always resort to begging on my blog.