Photography courses

I am thinking of doing a part-time evening photography course.

I want something that will inspire me to take more photos in and around London, and help me learn techniques for taking photos in difficult situations (poor light etc).

Sadly most of the courses seem to involve lots of black and white darkroom techniques (something I have zero interest in) are very expensive (upwards of £1500), or take place during the day.

If anyone knows of any decent photography courses in South or Central London that fit the bill, drop me a line please.

I’m back

I’m back from South Africa and I had an excellent time.

Took lots of photos; some good, some not so good.

I took my digital camera as well as my SLR and was surprised at how well that worked out.

Digital for snap-shots and silly things – SLR for proper landscape photos.

In brief, I stayed in Cape Town for 10 days at a friend’s house.

I visited Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope and went on several wine-tasting tours to Stellenbosch.

It was lots of fun and I shall certainly go back again.

Holiday photos are up!

I have finally scanned in all my holiday photos from my trip last September.

I went to Washington State in the US and British Columbia in Canada.

Places visited included Mount Rainier, Olympic National Park, Seattle and Vancouver.

Go to the home page or click below to dive right in.

Feel free to rate the photos too.

Mount Baker
Mount Baker
Skyline Trail
Skyline Trail
Seattle at dusk
Seattle at dusk

Sunset photos

We often get some nice sunsets out of our flat window but tonight was very nice indeed.

I got the digital camera out and took some hand-held shots.

First I took these two with a 20 minute gap in-between.

After this I closed the blinds and forgot about it.

Then after another 30 minutes I noticed the blinds had an intense orange glow to them, I opened them again and saw this.

The last is a bit blurry, I should have used the tripod I guess.

Next time I’ll be a bit more organised and use the SLR camera on a tripod, can zoom in some more then too.

New photodb

I sent live the latest version of photodb last night.

Big changes are that the top rated photos appear on the front page, and I can add more text to each place and day so can do more of a travelogue like site.

Check them out, and feel free to rate some photos

Have still not finished scanning from last September’s trip to USA and Canada, although now I have this lot live I can get back on it again.

Cornwall photos

Cornwall photos are up now.

See the photos. See them.

It was only a short three day break, so not a huge amount of photos.

Next step is to finish scanning the rest of the photos from my three week tour of the US and Canada.

Watch this space.

Oh the humanity

My camera is now down to 1-3 days on dabs, but still "awaiting order" in my basket.

Maybe next week then, good timing as I’m off to Cornwall for a few days after, will be a good chance to test it.

Am very busy at work at the moment, doing lots of coding (which is nice).

It’s not as much fun as being sat at home working on something that actually interests me though. 🙂

In other news, I am off to America soon, Washington state specifically, although we may fly to Vancouver in Canada instead and get the car there as it’s around £12 cheaper per day to rent from there than from the US, amazing eh?

That would save us around £250 on the trip.

Where’s my freakin’ Camera?

C’mon dabs, where’s my Camera?

It’s still awaiting stock, although it’s down to < one week, as opposed to 1-2 weeks when I first ordered it.

At least Amazon came good; Are You Dave Gorman? is great, really really funny.

Danny Wallace and Dave wrote it between them but they each write separately throughout, Dave in a bold font, Danny in normal.

It’s always funny seeing how differently each of them interprets every situation.

I bought another CD, Gs I Love You Too, it’s a compilation of Japanese Garage Bands of the 60s.

It clearly rivals Senor Coconuts for silliness.

I got alerted to it when Jonathon Ross played a song by the Jaguars at the end of his radio show.

He said it was on a compilation for the TV show Banzai, but that CD looked crap, however I found the same track was on Gs I Love You Too, so I bought it.

I have to be careful, it’s the thin end of the wedge I’m told.