Camera guff

All the Jessops stores that I called were out of stock so I ordered it from dabs.

Dunno how long it will take to arrive.

I also ordered a battery charger with rechargable batteries, a power supply, a case, some spare batteries and a 128MB memory card.

I wanted to get a memory card reader but the dabs one looked crummy, will buy one from Jessops once I get the camera.

I read that I can talk to the camera using Linux too, that’d be cool if it works.

Now I have to try not to think about it, it may take weeks to arrive.

If anyone can…

…Canon can.

I’ve kind of decided upon a Canon A40 digital camera (I’d add a link to the Canon site but they use evil frames).

It’s about £200.

The only problem is, both dabs and jessops have it as awaiting stock.

Might have to walk up to Jessops later today and see if they have one in the shop.

Might even buy it if they do.

Will then buy the required accessories from dabs after, they’re much cheaper than jessops, especially for memory.

Snap happy

I think I need a digital camera.

I keep seeing things where I don’t have my camera or it’s too much hassle to get my real camera out for

Plus, a big SLR camera is not the most discrete thing to whip out and start snapping away with.

Whilst I don’t see lots of interesting things, I did somehow manage to be on Tower Bridge in my car when the bridge had to raise, I was at the front of the queue too, was very exciting (for me).

I had no camera with me though sadly.

And I saw a pregnant horse in the New Forest on Saturday, which was kinda cool.

This time I had my camera but was driving and there was nowhere to stop for long enough to load a film and play with my lens, a digital camera would have been perfect.

I just want a cheapish one, it’s not gonna replace the Canon, just supplement it.

Hmmmm, time to look at the Jessops site…