The future of corporate sponsorship of Sport?

Tomorrow I am going to watch cricket at The Oval. The game is West Indies vs South Africa, and it is part of the ICC Champions Trophy.

When I received my tickets I also received a letter telling me what food and drink I was and was not allowed to bring.

What the hell“, I thought?

I did some research and it seems that the sponsors of the tournament don’t want rival products to be consumed at the match.

There is also an alternative theory that it’s done to stop so called “ambush marketing” where a rival sponsor will smuggle in food and drink then prominently display it on TV.

I mostly don’t care as I don’t drink fizzy drinks and can live without eating crisps for the day, but they’re even restricting what brand of water I can bring. Plus they use the word “snacks” which is ambiguous and could be argued to mean any food at all.

So I’m gonna chance my arm with the snack police and take some bread, cheese and ham (all repacked in silver foil).

Will see if I’m forced to eat it all at the gate before they let me in.


I changed my mind and decided not to take any food after all. This was prompted by the radio coverage of the England match the day before, where I heard that half the crowd missed the start because of bags being searched at the gate.

As it turned out though, I wasn’t searched at the gate at all, and I saw lots of people eating food that they’d brought in with them.

Bunch of arse I say.

Seat, pint, decent view.

Thanks to some excellent planning on behalf of one of my colleagues, we had the best seat in the house to watch the game yesterday.

The place was packed out at 4.30 when we arrived, but right at the front two large tables were completely empty but for two reserved signs.

We felt right chuffed when we sat down at them.

I normally hate watching football in the pub as I never manage to get a seat and can only see half the screen etc.

Having a proper seat and a good view was a different story though.

Shame the game was mostly pretty dire though.

We’re gonna win 4-3! (no really)

Photo – James Shade.

I always thought going to see your team win 4-3 would be fun.

Of course, I had not thought about the fact that until that final whistle blows, it’s complete torture.

The euphoria when the final goal went in was something else, but it didn’t quite make up for the nail-biting second half.

Seems that, at the moment, boring and predictable we ain’t.

Wash out

Went to Birmingham to watch Cricket yesterday.

Sadly it rained all day so we didn’t see any, in fact we didn’t even get to the ground.

We spent the day wandering around Birmingham City Centre, went bowling, played some pool, and drank some beer.

Every pub was filled with cricket fans like us, some of whom wore fancy dress (I felt a tad sorry for them – all that effort and they didn’t even get on TV).

Still, it was a fun day out, it’s not often you take a day off work to hang around in a different city so that was a bit of a novelty.

I note today that Birmingham is dry and play has resumed… damn!

“The Home of Cricket”

I went to my first Cricket match on Saturday, England vs South Africa at Lord’s.

The game itself wasn’t that great, SA were awful and England beat them very easily. Winning was nice but I would have preferred something a bit more exciting to be honest.

Overall though it was a great day out, lots of people brought picnic hampers and coolers full of beer, wine and champagne.

All very civilised, except for the Aussie yobs sat behind us who managed to flick chocolate and suncream onto our backs and spill beer on our bags. Tossers.

I am going to watch a day of one of the upcoming tests too, also between England and SA. Hopefully that will be a lot more exciting.


I went to the match.

I was pleased to see that all Spurs fans gave full support to their team.

In fact, the atmosphere was excellent, maybe some felt insulted by the allegations we’d not support the boys in white.

The match as a spectacle was quite good, from a Spurs’ fan’s point of view it was not so good though.

Although we had some reasonable posession Man U were a different class and should have won by a bigger margin (and would have but for Kasey Keller’s heroics in goal).

Some shenanigans on the way to the ground.

Our train was halted a stop early and we were all asked to leave the train, but were prevented from leaving the platform by a heavy Police presence (some in riot gear).

After 20 minutes of waiting we got back on the train and resumed our journey. No idea what was behind it all.

I took a few photos when there, but only this one during the game.